A Dane in Basilicata

A travel in the forgotten land

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A travel in the forgotten land


I’m so lucky that I’m married to a man from Italy. Have been for many years now. So I get to travel to Italy on regular basis – family need to see the kid and we need to see some warm weather and some nice food and wine. We do it every year..
People often ask; “but isn’t it just the same over and over, every year..??” Surprisingly it’s not. Every year we seem to manage to see new things. Being surprised , astonished and spoiled, in the stomach, eyes and mind.

A travel in the forgotten land

From Lauria

My husband comes from Basilicata. A forgotten region in the deep south. His town, Lauria, is on the site of a mountain. From his mothers house, you have the most stunning view over the valley and the surrounding mountains. I guess that most people there has this, but it’s still majestic to someone from the very flat Denmark.
Stunning views is on daily basis here.. It do not matter if you are in the mountains, at the coast or you just are on the highway. If you give it a chance and take the eyes away from your phone – you will be rewarded with one breath taker after another.

A travel in the forgotten land

Invent your own job

Basilicata suffers from high unemployment and many, especially young people have nothing to do and no jobs to apply. One solution is to try to invent your own job and that is just what a group of young people have done :) They have made this incredible river trekking in Basilicata. These guys has on there own applying for the right permissions from the commune and when they were good to go – they went out in the area they have found suited for the purpose and made it accessible for this kind of activity.

A travel in the forgotten land

Acquatrekking on Pollino mountain

It was Rosanna, my husbands sister, who said she wanted this for her birthday gift – a day with us, spend in the wild nature of Basilicata. And what a day!!! It was my husband and I, our son Hector on 3 years and of course Rosanna.
We started out at a meeting point in the town close the river site. There were two routes to choose between. We went whit the “easy” one, since we had Hector on 3 with us. We were split up and we were about 20 people + 3 children in our group. We drove in our cars to a parking lot, very close to the river spot. I think it only took about 10min, the walk included. We were all given waders in our size and I must recommend to remember, to bring socks with you.

A travel in the forgotten land

Till the well-deserved rest

The trekking was about 1 hour and the route did not have water over 1 meter, unless you want to. Most of the time it was not more than 10-20 cm high, but with so many frogs and hundred of tadpoles – to Hectors big joy. Some with only tale, some with legs as well – we captured all of them with our hands, it was great fun for the kids :) The tour ended with a little snack and a glass of local wine (water for the kids) It was a very nice experience…so nice that my husband and I agreed we would do the “hard” one on our own, next time. I can’t recommend this experience hard enough. It will surprise you – no doubt about that.
The day ended at local “agriturismo” – that we were recommend by Rosanna. A beautiful place on the mountainside – with a stunning view we were told, but it was already dark, so we cut not see. The food was plenty ..actually it worked like that, that you have to tell the waiters to stop serving. It’s definitely a family place, with room and space for the kids to play around the eating area. Our Hector had a wonderful stay together with the other kids and they were so good at looking after each other. We do hope to come back one day, with more space and time to stay!

A travel in the forgotten land

The sea

When you go to Italy, you must go to the sea and Basilicata has some very nice beaches and the water is so much clean. If you are up to it you can also rent a boat to sail to some of those who is not accessible from the land. I have been told that one beach actually has won a price for being one of the most beautiful.. Well, we only been to the ones which is easy to access with the car and 3 year old ;) But when you have been in the water in the south, you almost always find the water dirty, when you are in ex Rome and also ex Tuscany. Beach is a MUST ;)

I’m looking forward to our next visit.. I’m sure that also there, we will be able to find new and exciting things to do in Basilicata. Because it is a region on it’s way up. The locals are beginning to understand what they have and I’m sure that in time it will be much more touristed than now. But if you want to visit a place, were you will not ran into other tourist, were they still notice a stranger – this is the place. You will find joy in getting lost, in the forgotten land of the south.

A travel in the forgotten land

by Anette Verny Larsen

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